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No previous experience
Students from 11 years old

Personalized advice
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You no longer need
to be an expert
in programming

The virtual assistant analyzes
and monitors the progress
of each student for you

It also informs you
in a simple and visual way,
because the best things,
are simple

1 click away from teaching

The virtual assistant suggests
personalized actions

From rewarding your students with a tournament,
to helping anyone who needs it
through reinforcements

All the
in one place

Pedagogical content
and additional documentation
easily accessible

No books, no notes, no paper.
Save the trees

Empower other

Technology, robotics, computer science,
science, mathematics ...

Combine programming with other fields
to achieve synergy between subjects

the human factor

By automating the rest of the tasks,
the teacher can focus on the
more human part of teaching

Because education
cannot be scheduled
... At the moment

Saves time
and guides the teacher

We understand your needs

We can't hide it ...
it's been created by teachers

Much more
than programming

Through the training method
Learning by Doing, it enhances the
analytical and decision-making capabilities of your students

They learn by practicing,
making mistakes and succeeding

Professions of the future

From robotics to artificial intelligence;
Programming is present
in the highly qualified world of work

Students will go from being mere viewers
of the technology to understand how it works

Real programming,
as in the workplace

Other platforms use a
"sweetened" (block) code system

Here they learn real programming languages,
because the best experience is life itself

At the rhythm of each one

The virtual assistant takes into account the student's path
course by course

A traveling companion who accompanies the students
as they grow and mature

Free Trial for Educational

All the material
they need
is available
on the platform


Programming will be child's play

They create the intelligence of their hero in order
to overcome the campaigns and missions of the game

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